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Birthday parties...hehe..

My weekend was good, work on Friday night to Saturday morning (11 Friday night to 6 Sat morning) ate some breakfast went over to Alex's house after work played some video games, went home and slept. Yea that wasn't the good part of my weekend, just the usual. So I wake up at 4 on Saturday afternoon, get myself together for the plan is to goto the LCBO and get all the stuff we need for Dave's birthday. I came out of there with so much alcohol, two 24's, another 24 of mikes hard stuff, rum, vodka and all that kinda stuff. Went over to Dave's for his birthday dinner, met his girl friend for the first time, she's so quiet, I was trying my best to talk to her but it went downhill after awhile. Probably nervracking meeting all these new people and just knowing one person. Dinner was excellent, I hadn't ate yet so everytime his Mum told me to take more I was taking more and more, there was enough food there to feed 20 more people. So I wasn't making a super big pig out of myself. Anyways after the dinner was done we headed over to my friend Ian's house, as this is where we the party was gonna be.

This is when I found out Jay, the most forgetful man around forgot the coke for the rum in his car and he left his car at his house. It wouldnt' be sooo bad but I reminded him THREE TIMES! Ahhhh! So I had to go out and get coke come back and by that time most people were feeling intoxicated. So we basically made Dave drink, he never drinks, he had 3 shots of brown rum all in a row, and damn I dunno if I'd wanna do that, so he did impress me in a way. We started playing that drinking game 7, 8, 9 and well that game is crazy. One of the rules is if you roll the dice and they fall off the table you have to drink everything in the glass. So I got stuck with Jay, now he managed to throw the dice off the table no less than 5 times causing him to bow out and leave me alone vs Dereck and his girfriend (both of them kept saying they weren't drunk but the more and more they drank the more and more often they kept on saying that). I got Erik to come help me but he got killed by the Sake (Japanese Rice Wine....I HATE IT). So I decided to say I was going to take a break from the game and I never returned.

Dave was hillarious, I found him upstairs and he was explaining how the towel rack in the bathroom had saved his life when he was taking a piss because it let him support himself, otherwise he stated he would have fallen over.

Afew people started to leave, no one I knew cuz they were from the other Dave's party, we had two birthday parties for the Two Dave's at once. I spent the majority of time outside smoking (I smoked way too many cigarettes, just mad amounts), Alex came over after he was done work, and we, Erik, Dave (different dave not either of the guys who had birthdays) myself and Alex outside still drinking at 7 in the morning. Funny contrast as everyone else were all passed out in the arms of their bf/gf and the single guys are still up drinking their life away - I prefered drinking my life away till I puked but eh. So we go get some McDonalds breakfast, come back and we see the SAKE, I told them all it tasted like shit, I warned them but still they payed no attention. They all drank it it said it tasted really bad and I drank it to re confirm it tasted really bad. I got up, told them how bad it tasted, went to the bathroom, threw up, felt much better and decided not to continue drinking...duh.

So eventually I fell asleep, woke up to Jay taking my socks off, told him he was an asshole as I could have dun that to him when he was passed out. Helped clean up, went home had a shower, went to bed and woke up on monday morning...it was weird, I slept for 20 hours or something.

Argh and this entry doesn't seem as good as I thought it would be, damnit.

This System of a Down song, Aerials, is good! It reminds me of Black Sabbath near the end(vocals) and Metallica (kinda). I got this song on prema rotation.

Ahh well hope all of your lives are going along nicely.
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