Falk (falk) wrote,

Pizza, Popcorn and Pop for 4.27

Updating this from school right now, as I'm here using the resources, mainly the net, cuz mine is broke.

Firstly yesterday was a Good day with a capital 'G'. I enjoyed myself and I got alot done. Tate, that was good times down by the beaches, The Cure tape (yes as in casset) is wicked, it was just a dollar ninetynine, I gotta go down and buy a few more tapes and maybe two CDs, boost up my collection of good music. Oh I can't forget the super pizza deal we got at that pizza place, I dunno the name of the place tho. 3.99 for a good slice of pizza, a 1 ltr Coke and a big ass bag of popcorn (Which came in handy later on in the night). What a revalation Tate had, let's goto the beaches, sure beats Bakers Dozen.

On my way home from the beaches I dropped by Jay's house to pick up some shit but we had a good conversation about life and whatnot. Then it was home to watch 'The Bridge over the River Kwai', it's for my 10,000 word essay tho I didn't get to finish all of it, it's 3 hours long. But this is where the huge bag of chester cheetos popcorn came in handy, I'm not a fan of popcorn but when I was watching the movie it tasted good. Before I knew it it was 2:30 and I needed to goto bed. Popped in The Cure tape I bought and fell asleep.

And today, damn, it's a good day, getting alot of stuff done for my essays. But damnit I got another essay to write now! In class tho, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Oh, Tiny Tim I hope to get you your money soon as I have it and it's in an envelope with your name on it. Hope you're not cursing my name everytime you're broke :)
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