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To get you into the mood.

You're just chilling with two of your friends on the top of a hill, it's 6 in the morning, you've just got off work. The sun is shinging, the imediate world around you is quite. Just idle chatter about work.

I'm in the middle of the group, I turn to my left to see what my other friend is up to as I haven't heard much from him. He's smiling and his nose is bleeding, he basically looks really retarted, I look at my friend to my right and we both start laughing, 'what the hell Jay, how'd that happen?'. So this laughter continues for sometime, with all of us laughing, then out of no where Jay throws up....but he's fine it was just outta no where again and then we start laughing even more, it's just too messed up. We notice something even 'weirder' some little thing in the grass near the bottom of the hill, I went to investigate and it was gone, we thought it was a bird but we didn't see it fly off, then I see it, a dead...no too big for a mouse, a dead rat!

Nope it's quite alive and it's not a rat, it was a baby bunny rabbit, scared shitless laying perfectly still. Immediately we're all wondering where it's mother is, then we see some movement 2 feet to the left, another baby rabbit! What the, but this guy is hurt he's breathing hard and he's pawing through the grass on his side. To give you an idea of how big they are the grass was freshly cut and these guys were shorter than it. We didn't want to touch them b/c of the human scent thing, their mum might regect them, where ever she was. Then 10-15 feet to the right there is another one, hopping away, ever so slowly but he's trying real hard and he hops on under a pine tree.

It was a bizarre moment, thought I'd share it.
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