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The girl who stole away my happiness.

There's not much to this story. A girl, a smile, and my thoughts. Going to catch the bus right outside the campus gym and I notice two girls calling to their friend who just got off the bus, I pass the two friends and look to see where they're calling. I saw what I'd classify as a good looking girl, not scorching hot or anything but genuinely good looking. But that's not the point, her looks of are no consequence, that is not the poiint of my story. She started to run a little, not much, more than a casual jog but not a run. I looked at her face and she looked so happy, she had a big smile on her face her eyes were lit up. It made me instantly happy but then just as fast as the feeling of happiness came over me I felt like someone snatched away my happiness. I got on the bus and proceeded to think about the little event that happened. I think for awhile my definition of happiness will always give me a mental picture of that girl running towards her friends, it's odd is it not that she probably won't think twice about how she felt at that moment but I a total stranger have classified it and think about it.

Happiness, hmm, odd. So many different things can make so many different people happy but what makes me happy? I'm not sure.
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