Falk (falk) wrote,

I some new music!!!

In attempts to check out some new music and perhaps spread some new music I'm gonna post one of my mp3 lists....hopin some people will do the same or similar, need some new music.


2 Brothers On The 4th Floor ¥ Living In Cyberspace.mp3
2 Fabiola ¥ New Years day.mp3
30 Seconds To Mars ¥ Capricorn.mp3
A Perfect Circle ¥ 3 Libras.mp3
A Perfect Circle ¥ Judith (Nine Inch Nails Remix).mp3
A Perfect Circle ¥ Judith.mp3
A Perfect Circle ¥ Magdalena.mp3
A Perfect Circle ¥ Sleeping Beauty.mp3
Ace Of Base ¥ All That She Wants.mp3
Ace of Base ¥ Don't Turn Around.mp3
Ace Of Base ¥ I Saw The Sign.mp3
AFI ¥ My Michelle.mp3
AFI ¥ A Winters Tale.mp3
AFI ¥ Clove Smoke Catharsis.mp3
AFI ¥ Dream Of Waking.mp3
AFI ¥ God Called In Sick Today.mp3
AFI ¥ Of Greetings And Goodbye's.mp3
AFI ¥ Smile.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Rooster.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Angry Chair.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Don't Follow.mp3
Alice in Chains ¥ Fairy Tale Love Story.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Grind.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Heaven Beside You.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Heaven 'N Hell.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Man In The Box.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ No Excuses.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Nutshell.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Stay Away.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Them Bones.mp3
Alice In Chains ¥ Would?.mp3
Apoptygma Berzerk ¥ Bitch.mp3
Apoptygma Berzerk ¥ Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten Remix).mp3
Apoptygma Berzerk ¥ Nothing Else Matters.mp3
Apoptygma Berzerk ¥ Paranoia (Haunted Club Version).mp3
Apoptygma Berzerk ¥ Paranoia.mp3
Apoptygma Berzerk ¥ Starsign.mp3
Atticus Fault ¥ My First Trip To Mars.mp3
Audioslave ¥ Cochise.mp3
Bad Religion ¥ Sorrow.mp3
Bangles ¥ Walk Like An Egyptian.mp3
Barrington Levy ¥ Murdera.mp3
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ¥ Love Burns.mp3
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ¥ Red Eyes And Tears.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ Buffalo Soldier.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ I Shot The Sheriff.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ Iron Lion Zion.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ Jamin.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ Kinky Regae.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ No Woman No Cry.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ Red Red Wine.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ The sun is shining (atb remix).mp3
Bob Marley ¥ Three Little Birds.mp3
Bob Marley ¥ Trench Town Rock.MP3
Bob Marley ¥ Turn Your Lights Down Low.mp3
Bob Marley ft Guru ¥ Johnny Was.mp3
Bob Marley ft. Gangstar ¥ Papa Was A Good Man.mp3
Bob Marley ft. Krayzie Bone ¥ Rebel Music.mp3
Bounty Killa ¥ Look.mp3
Bounty Killer ¥ Look Into My Eyes.mp3
Catherine Wheel ¥ Black Metallic (Acoustic).mp3
Catherine Wheel ¥ Black Metallic.mp3
Catherine Wheel ¥ Crank.mp3
Catherine Wheel ¥ Heal.mp3
Catherine Wheel ¥ Sparks Are Gonna Fly.mp3
Catherine Wheel ¥ Waydown.mp3
Chevelle ¥ Anticipation.mp3
Chevelle ¥ Closure.mp3
Chevelle ¥ Comfortable Liar.mp3
Chevelle ¥ Don't Fake This.mp3
Chevelle ¥ Family System.mp3
Chevelle ¥ Mia.mp3
Chevelle ¥ Open.mp3
Chevelle ¥ Send the Pain Below.mp3
Chevelle ¥ The Red.mp3
Clash ¥ London Calling.mp3
Covenant ¥ Figurehead.mp3
Covenant ¥ Stalker (Club Mix).mp3
Dandy Warhols ¥ Bohemian Like You.mp3
Dandy Warhols ¥ Horse Pills.mp3
Danko Jones ¥ Bounce.mp3
Danko Jones ¥ Cadillac.mp3
Danko Jones ¥ Lovercall.mp3
Danko Jones ¥ Sound Of Love.mp3
David Bowie & Trent Reznor ¥ Im afraid of Americans.mp3
David Bowie ¥ China Girl.mp3
Deadsy ¥ Cruella.mp3
Deadsy ¥ Dreamcrusher.mp3
Deadsy ¥ Key To Grammercy Park.mp3
Deadsy ¥ Mansion World (Deepsky Remix).mp3
Deadsy ¥ Replicas.mp3
Deadsy ¥ Sleepy Hollow.mp3
Deadsy ¥ The Mansion World.mp3
Death in June ¥ Golden Wedding of Sorrow.mp3
Death In June ¥ Little Black Angel.mp3
Death in June ¥ Lord Winter.mp3
Deep Purple ¥ Smoke On The Water.mp3
Depeche Mode ¥ Srange Love.mp3
Depeche Mode, The Cure, U2, NIN ¥ Into A Darkened Room.mp3
Disturbed ¥ Down With The Sickness.mp3
Disturbed ¥ Prayer.mp3
Disturbed ¥ Stupify.mp3
Doors ¥ Five To One.mp3
Doors ¥ Hello I Love You.mp3
Doors ¥ Hello, I Love You.mp3
Doors ¥ Light My Fire.mp3
Doors ¥ Love Street.mp3
Elephant Man ¥ Log On (Liquid Riddim).mp3
English Beat ¥ Mirror In The Bathroom.mp3
Filter & Crystal Method ¥ Hey Man Nice Shot (Remix).mp3
Filter ¥ Take My Picture.mp3
Filter ¥ The Best Things In Life.mp3
Filter ¥ Were Do We Go From Here.mp3
Front Line Assembly ¥ Fatalist (Tribal Techno Remix).mp3
Front Line Assembly ¥ Modern Angel (KMFDM Remix).MP3
Gangstarr, Barrington Levy, Guru & Jigsy king ¥ One 4 Me.mp3
Garbage ¥ Push It.MP3
Gob ¥ Ming Tran.mp3
Godhead ¥ Eleanor Rigby.mp3
Good Charlotte ¥ Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous.mp3
Good Charlotte ¥ Little Things.mp3
Hi Fi Serious ¥ Nothing.mp3
Hoobastank ¥ Crawling In The Dark.mp3
Hoobastank ¥ Let You Know.mp3
Hoobastank ¥ Running Away.mp3
Hoobastank ¥ To Be With You.mp3
Hot Hot Heat ¥ Bandages.mp3
James ¥ Laid.mp3
Jay Gordon of Orgy ¥ Slept So Long.mp3
Jimi Hendrix ¥ Castle Made of Sand.MP3
Jimi Hendrix ¥ Smoke On The Water.mp3
Jimi Hendrix ¥ All Around The Watch Tower.mp3
Jimmy Hendrix ¥ Little wing.mp3
KMFDM ¥ Anarchy.mp3
Korn ¥ Here To Stay.mp3
Lauryn Hill ft Ziggy Marley ¥ Redemption Song (Live).mp3
Led Zepplin ¥ Smoke on the Water.mp3
Life House ¥ Spin.mp3
Linkin Park ¥ Points Of Authority (Jay Gordon Remix).mp3
Linkin Park ¥ Points Of Authority.mp3
Mandy Moore ¥ A Walk To Remember.mp3
Matchbox 20 ¥ Bent.mp3
Matchbox 20 ¥ Disease.mp3
Matchbox 20 ¥ Girl Like That.mp3
Matchbox20 ¥ Push.mp3
Monster Magnet ¥ Silver Future.mp3
Monster Magnet ¥ Space Lord.mp3
New Order ¥ Bizarre Love Triangle.mp3
New Order ¥ Blue Monday.mp3
New Order ¥ Brutal.mp3
New Order ¥ Crystal.mp3
NIN - We're in this Together Now.mp3
NIN ¥ Closer (Se7en Remix).mp3
NIN ¥ Closer.mp3
NIN ¥ Head Like A Hole.mp3
NIN ¥ The Day the World Went Away.mp3
NIN ¥ The Downward Spiral (The Bottom).mp3
NIN ¥ The Perfect Drug.mp3
NIN ¥ Wish.mp3
NIN vs. Aphex Twin ¥ Closer.mp3
Nirvana ¥ Come As You Are.mp3
Nirvana ¥ Smells Like Teen Spirit.mp3
Nirvana ¥ You Know Your Right.mp3
Oasis ¥ Little By Little.mp3
Oasis ¥ Stop Crying Your Heart Out.mp3
Oasis ¥ Wonderwall.mp3
Offspring ¥ Come Out And Play.mp3
Orgy ¥ Blue Monday.mp3
Our Lady Peace ¥ Thief.mp3
Pearl Jam ¥ I am Mine.mp3
Peter Gabriel ¥ Solsbury Hill.mp3
Pink Floyd ¥ Comfortably Numb.mp3
Pink Floyd ¥ Dark Side Of The Moon.mp3
Pink Floyd ¥ House Of The Rising Sun.mp3
Pink Floyd ¥ One Of These Days.mp3
Pink Floyd ¥ Welcome To The Machine.mp3
Pink Floyd ¥ Wish You Were Here.mp3
Puddel Of Mudd ¥ She Fucking Hates Me.mp3
Puddle of Mud ¥ Blurry.mp3
Radiohead ¥ Creep.mp3
Red Hot Chili Peppers ¥ Get On Top.mp3
Red Hot Chili Peppers ¥ The Zephyr Song.mp3
Red Hot Chilli Peppers ¥ By The Way.mp3
Red Hot Chilli Peppers ¥ Californication.mp3
Red Hot Chilli Peppers ¥ Cant Stop.mp3
Red Hot Chilli Peppers ¥ Dosed.mp3
Red Hot Chilli Peppers ¥ My Friends.mp3
Red Hot Chilli Peppers ¥ Take it Slow (fucked).mp3
Red Hot Chilli Peppers ¥ Throw Away Your Television.mp3
Run DMC vs Jason Nevins ¥ It's Like That.mp3
Sam Roberts ¥ Brother Down.mp3
Seether ¥ Fine Again.mp3
Seether ¥ Gasoline.mp3
Silverchair ¥ The Greatest View.mp3
Skinny Puppy ¥ Assimilate.mp3
Slipknot ¥ My Plague.mp3
Smashing Pumpkins ¥ Disarm (acoustic).mp3
Smashing Pumpkins ¥ Disarm.mp3
Smashing Pumpkins ¥ Eye (Lost Highway Soundtrack).mp3
Smashing Pumpkins ¥ Eye.mp3
Smashing Pumpkins ¥ Galapogos.mp3
Smashing Pumpkins ¥ Mayonaise.mp3
Smashing Pumpkins ¥ Tonight Tonight (Acoustic).mp3
Soundgarden ¥ Black Hole Sun (Acoustic).mp3
Soundgarden ¥ Black Hole Sun.mp3
Soundgarden ¥ Spoonman.mp3
Surgar Ray.mp3 ¥ Spinning Away
Spirited Away ¥ Theme.wma
Stained ¥ It's been awhile.mp3
Stained and Fred Durst ¥ Outside.mp3
Stone Roses ¥ Don't Stop.mp3
Stone Roses ¥ Fools Gold.mp3
Stone Roses ¥ I Wanna Be Adored.mp3
Stone Roses ¥ Waterfall (Acoustic).mp3
Stone Roses ¥ Waterfall.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Big Empty.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Creep.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Dancing Days (Led Zepplin Cover).mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Dead And Bloated.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Interstate Love Song.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Lady Picture Show.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Plush (Acoustic).mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Plush.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots ¥ Wicked Garden (Acoustic).mp3
Stonesour ¥ Bother.mp3
Sublime ¥ Date Rape.mp3
Sublime ¥ Santaria.MP3
Susan Vega ¥ Tom's Diner.mp3
Suzanna Vega ¥ Tom's Diner (Acapella).mp3
System Of A Down ¥ Aerials.mp3
System Of A Down ¥ The Metro.mp3
Talking Heads ¥ Once In A Lifetime.mp3
Taproot ¥ Poem.mp3
Taproot ¥ Time.mp3
Temple Of The Dog ¥ Hunger Strike.mp3
The Ataris ¥ Summer Wind was Always Ours.mp3
The Cure ¥ Burn.mp3
The Cure ¥ Close To Me.mp3
The Cure ¥ Friday I'm In Love.mp3
The Cure ¥ Just Like Heaven.mp3
The Cure ¥ Love Song.mp3
The Doors ¥ Spanish Caravan.mp3
The Neptunes ¥ Rock Star.mp3
The Smiths ¥ How Soon Is Now.mp3
The Strokes ¥ Someday.mp3
The Used ¥ A Box Full of Sharp Objects.mp3
The Used ¥ Blue and Yellow.mp3
The Used ¥ Kiss Me.mp3
The Used ¥ Pieces Mended.mp3
The Used ¥ Poetic Tragedy.mp3
The Used ¥ Say Days Ago.mp3
The Used ¥ The Taste Of Ink.mp3
The Used ¥ Zero Mechanism.mp3
Theory of a Deadman ¥ Make Up Your Mind.mp3
Theory Of A Deadman ¥ Nothing Could Come Between Us.mp3
Theory of a Deadman ¥ Say I'm Sorry.mp3
Tiger Army ¥ Annabel Lee.mp3
Tiger Army ¥ Cupid's Victim.mp3
Tiger Army ¥ Devil Girl.mp3
Tiger Army ¥ Incorporeal.mp3
Tiger Army ¥ Nightfall.mp3
Tiger Army ¥ Remembered Forever.mp3
Tiger Army ¥ Valley Of Dreams.mp3
Tonic ¥ If You Could Only See.mp3
Tonic ¥ Open Up Your Eyes.mp3
Tool ¥ Comfortably Numb (Floydian).mp3
Tool ¥ Fourty Six And Two (Live).mp3
Tool ¥ H.mp3
Tool ¥ Lateralus.mp3
Tool ¥ Opiate.mp3
Tool ¥ Parabola.mp3
Tool ¥ Reflection.mp3
Tool ¥ Sober (Extremely Rare Remix).mp3
Tool ¥ Sober.mp3
Tool ¥ Stink Fist (7 Min Sex Version).mp3
Tool ¥ Stinkfist.mp3
Vast ¥ Touched.mp3
Vegasphere ¥ Driven.mp3
Vegasphere ¥ Stalemate.mp3
Vegasphere ¥ Subdued.mp3
Velvet Underground ¥ Sweet Jane.mp3
VNV Nation ¥ Further.mp3
VNV Nation ¥ Honour (Memorial Remix).mp3
Ward 21 ¥ Melody Of War.mp3
Ward 21 ¥ Mr. Fassy.mp3
Ward 21 ¥ Push It.mp3
Ward 21 ¥ Story Of Pum Pum.mp3
Ward 21¥ Ganja Smoke.mp3
Ward 21¥ Smoke The Weed.mp3
Ween ¥ Bananas And Blow.mp3
Ween ¥ Voodoo Lady.mp3
Weezer ¥ Keep Fishin.mp3
White Stripes ¥ Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground.mp3
WhiteTown ¥ I Could Never Be Your Woman.mp3
Wyclef Jean ¥ Gone Till November.mp3
Zwan ¥ Honestly.mp3
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