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The other day

A week ago yesterday some retarded shit went down outside the coffee time near my house. And I wasn't about to stand around and watch it, like so many other people seemed quite comfortable doing.

As my friend and I wait for another friend to arrive at the coffee time we notice a group of youths of ill repute sauntering around with baseball bats. Now I'm trying to convince myself and my friend that they probably just finished a game of baseball while he's saying that's an impossibility and that they are just ghetto. They come up asking my friend for a smoke, he says he's low and he can't spare them one, they beg and beg, my friend gives in and they say thanks a lot, also mentioning that they recognize me from my high school. I have no idea who they are as high school was 3 or 4 years ago but anyway. Soon after that my other friend arrives and we're trying to figure out what we should do for the night but like usual we're getting nowhere.

I hear shouting, screaming and other similar panicked sounds and I see some kind of scuffle going on in the parking lot, I remember the bats, the ghetto youth, no way, right in front of everyone?! I run in and see two of the scallywags I previously encountered and a middle aged man, the youths have the man pinned up against his van and they're beating him. They haven't seen me yet, I picked up one of their forgotten baseball bats and demand to know what the fuck they are doing to this man meanwhile my other friend is yelling that he's calling the cops and my other friend is coming to back me up, they say something about him owing them money and some other made up shit. The man yells you take this guy and I take this guy, I ignored him asking the youths for an explanation while holding the bat up in a semi threatening manner cuz my this time I've realized that these guys mean business, one of them has two butcher knives to the guys throat. The guy without the knives runs away behind the van, only to come back with an aluminum bat, I'm shouting at them telling them how stupid they are, the man puts the knife welding guy in a head lock, the guy with the bat hits the man in the knee the man goes down but still holds onto the guy. After hitting the man, the guy with the bat runs away, leaving his 'friend' in a headlock.

It turns out that the man managed to get one of the butcher knives and the thug has the other one and they're wrestling over them, the thug gives up and runs away. Police come and all that other good fun admin stuff.

The police got good mug shots of the two guys cuz they were in a bunch of stores earlier and it's not hard to pick out ppl with baseball bats, turns out there were more than two involved in the whole thing.

The mans leg wasn't broken, just badly bruised, he was very thankful about the whole thing, just wish I could have stopped the guy from whacking him in the leg, but it was happening all so fast.

On another note, I just finished training for a Poll Clerk in the upcoming election, something to keep me busy until I go down to enroll for my CSC (Canadian Securities Course) as I need a good paying job where I learn some valuable skills as I'm taking the year off from school, as I am re evaluating what direction I want to go in.
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